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This is a two-part workshop March 25 (Sat) Low Light Pistol (classroom) alternating with Tactical Pistol Drills and Manipulations (live fire) & April 8 (Sat) Practical Tactical Psychology (classroom) Pistol Low Light (live fire) -this was prepped by the classroom session from March 25 so only those who did that clinic could do this session.


We are restricted to two groups of eight (8) so it will be first come and you will need to send me a check to hold your port: Final date for registration will be March 10th.

Registration: To hold your position and for supplies and food please send Dave Hyatt a check for the amount $10.00 per class and this filled out form to the following address:
David Hyatt
1881 Mountain Road
Torrington, CT 06790

The day of the event, bring  $65.00 per class or $130.00 for the two events. “CASH PREFERD” There will be Snacks and Lunch.

Date: March 25th & April 8th both on Saturday

Time: 08:00 Registrations Start 09:00 Lunch at 12:00 end time 16:00

If you want to shoot with a friend and want to be on the same squad I will need to know that as well.

Instructional and Practical


  • review of technical aspects of weapon manipulation and marksmanship
  • intro to weapon retention
  • intro to low light shooting and use of a tactical light
  • live fire incorporating movement, low light fire and target discrimination
  • tactics, target/threat ID and verbal challenge considerations
  • individual coaching throughout the clinic

What gear to bring?

  • Semi Auto Pistol, 9mm or larger if you have a backup bring it just in case (Make sure it functions! Make sure it has been cleaned and lubed.)
  • Pistol belt
  • Holster (strong side outside the pants type) “NO CROSS DRAW HOLSTERS”
  • Spare magazine pouch (outside the pants type)
  • 150 rounds pistol ammo (any kind that reliably feeds in your pistol)
  • 2 (or more) pistol magazines, any capacity
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection you might want to double plug
  • Handheld tactical light (if you have one)
  • Snap Caps (qty 4)

Clothing and other supplies:

  • Clip Board & Note Pad Pen or Pencil
  • Hat
  • Warm Socks
  • Good Shoes or Boots (floor will be cold)
  • Wear Layers thermals might be wise again range will be cold
  • Cleaning kit and Ram Rod for clearing
  • possible miss fires
  • Dump bag for brass
  • Comfort bag i.e. Advil, Aspirin

If you have any questions or need to contact Dave, his email is


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